Vision, Mission & Policies

"To be a self-sustained and cater the needs of young entrepreneurs and startups with innovative ideas related to national/international importance and societal needs”

• To create an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the institute.
To develop a support mechanism with appropriate infrastructure that can enable students and faculty to innovate and prototype their innovation.
• Getting support from Government, industry and academic institutions.
• To encourage setting up new business incubators in the campus.
• To consistently provide empowering system to start-ups, through providing training and skill development, networking, capacity building, access to knowledge & support services, etc.
• To provide suitable infrastructural support for the establishment of start-ups and their rapid growth.

The objectives of the GLBCRI policies are as following
• To develop Job Creators.
• To develop state of the art infrastructure facilities with industry collaboration and Govt. support.
• Encourage students to take up visits to Industries, rural places and hospitals.
• To inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through student projects and motivate, empower women to become entrepreneurs.
• To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at all levels relating to SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and micro-enterprises.
• To organize webinars, seminars, and workshops short-term courses and design ideation contests to facilitate students to become innovators and entrepreneurs.
• To ensure the availability of in-house developed facilities & technologies to others at a reasonable cost.
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